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for animal emergencies

If there is an animal emergency, please do not rely on messaging and pick up the phone and call us on #17641224 any time, day or night. If we miss your call the first time, please continue trying. Alternatively, you can immediately bring any small animal in critical condition to our shelter, or to animal husbandry at Nemeyzampa.


Please however DO NOT MOVE any horse, mule, or cow with a broken leg without talking to us first - your good intentions can cause further harm if the leg is not properly immobilized.


When reporting any sick, injured or down animal, please stay with him/her until contact with us is made or appoint a caretaker nearby if one is available. If that is not possible, always note the exact location, get photos and video if possible, as well as a contact number for someone in the immediate vicinity.

Phone or WhatsApp +975 17641224
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contact details

PO Box 1294

Paro - Bhutan 12001

+975 17641224

Thank you for your message!
If this is an animal emergency, PLEASE call us on 17641224 as we don't always have time to check messages.


We are in Paro at Lango, Chukha side - On the way to Sangchoekhor Monastery

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