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in pursuit of gross animal happiness

Every day, animals are found sick, injured, and in other situations which threaten their safety and well-being. Similarly, every day the people that see their pain and suffering are also adversely affected. And often it's not just the animals who feel helpless.

Our mission is to help the animals, and the people that love them.

The Barnyard Bhutan works with the community, farmers, pet owners, horsemen, Paro Veterinary Hospital, Department of Livestock and vets throughout Bhutan, the Royal Bhutan Police and other stakeholders to ensure animals are rescued and can receive the needed care, treatment, and sanctuary required to hopefully save them, and keep them healthy and happy. All services are provided free of cost.


As many of the animals we help do not have owners, have been abandoned and/or have special needs, our work usually becomes a life-long commitment to caring and providing for the animal - large and small.


Though sustainability is difficult when many animals cannot safely be returned to where they were found, to keep them is a choice we must make to ensure he or she remains loved and protected.



The Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary was registered as a Civil Society Organization 5th November 2020.


However, its life-saving work began informally 15 years ago and was earlier known as The Maya Foundation, which is our Executive Director's U.S. based 501(c)3 non-profit that initially established and supported the sanctuary.  Though a separate entity, The Maya Foundation, with the help of its donors, continues to financially and logistically provide for the animals at the Barnyard Bhutan.


The work of rescuing and providing care for animals itself began when our Executive Director, Ms Jamie Vaughan, arrived in Bhutan in 2006 and simply couldn't turn her back on the ill and injured dogs which at the time were all over Paro. The shelter property of nearly 2 1/2 acres, originally intended for a hotel, quickly developed into a sanctuary for the in-need animals of Paro, and Bhutan, on demand of the community and emergency cases - now with more than 540 rescued residents.


Still, to this day, the Barnyard Bhutan is the only animal rescue center in Paro. And the only one in Bhutan specializing in equines.

where we work

The Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is currently located at Lamgong, on the way to Sangchoekhor, in Paro - Bhutan. Though most of our small animals hail from one of Paro's 10 Gewogs, the livestock especially are from all over the country.

And our rescue services for large animals or other special needs patients, especially equines, extend to the whole of Bhutan. Our team and vehicle is frequently traveling the country by road and/or trek rescuing horses and mules with broken legs or from wild animal attacks.

Never a holiday at the Barnyard, our gates and doors are open 24/7 every day of the year to any animal who needs help.

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